Limber:             spatial painting practices

                        Herbert Read Gallery, Canterbury, UCA, UK                         Grandes Galeries De l'ESADHaR, Rouen, ESADHaR, FR

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Institutions & Funding
Interreg IVA France-(Channel)-England

Katie Bell
Ian Bottle
Simon Callery
Jim Lee
Irene van de Mheen
Guillermo Mora
Jost Münster
Ian Pedigo
Audrey Reynolds
Elodie Seguin


Herbert Read Gallery, Canterbury. Sept 13 – Oct 12, 2013

Limber: Spatial Painting Practices, curated by Jost Münster and Cherry Smyth.

As a part of the ICR (Interregional Culture-led Regeneration) Project and co-financed by the European Union INTERREG IVA Channel programme and UCA Research:

Limber presents a group of international artists who explore and expand painting through a constructed 3D materiality. This dynamic new work engages not only with the history of painting but with the increasing dominance of virtual structures and the growing influence of architecture, fashion and design.

A symposium on October 5 at UCA, 11 – 4pm, will elaborate on these ideas. Speakers will include Professor Michael Archer, Goldsmiths University of London, Dr Dominic Rahtz, University for the Creative Arts, Audrey Reynolds, artist, Dr Stephen Wilson, Chelsea College of Art and Design.

The exhibition is accompanied by an extensive catalogue in English and French.